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Automatic renewal

All Flaticon Premium plans are renewed automatically by default. If you buy a monthly plan, the system will charge the renewal one month after the first payment is made; if your plan is annual, the renewal will be charge 12 months after the first payment. You will receive a confirmation email after the renewal payment has been processed. 

The automatic renewal option can be easily cancelled from your user account and no cancellation fee will be applied.

Keep in mind that, if the automatic renewal is cancelled, it will not be possible to reactivate it. This means that, once your current plan ends, on due date,  the premium access will be deactivated. If you then want to continue as a Premium member, you just need to buy a new premium plan from the site.

Please note that Flaticon subscriptions cannot be renewed before the due date since this is an automated process.

If you buy a premium plan using a discount, this will just be applied to the first payment. Once the subscription renewal is processed automatically by the system, the amount charged will be the standard as per the plan you have selected.


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