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Export to SVG. Saving in Illustrator

llustrator has changed the process of Saving and its causing troubles regarding the structure of the icons we receive. For that reason, we recommend you to make a backup before expanding the icons, so that you can always have this version, the original one, to expand them and follow our recommendations concerning the saving process.

Saving options


When saving an icon, Illustrator displays only 1 decimal by default. We have to change that number to 3 or 4. A higher value results in a larger file size and increased image quality. To do so, go to File>Save as>Save>More options>Decimals: 3 or 4 (See image). If your icon looks fine with 3, leave that value. We recommend that you check the icon to prevent shapes or strokes from getting distorted. You can also achieve that using the script “Export layers to SVG”.


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3


Script “Export layers to SVG”

In order to make it easier for you, and do the previous steps automatically, we provide you the script: “Export layers to SVG.jsx” You can install it or use it without installing it, just run the script every time you need it: File>Scripts>Other Scripts.


Installing the script:

  • Windows

Windows explorer> Hard disk> Adobe> Adobe illustrator > Preset values >en_EN>scripts


Running the script:

  1. Go to File>Scripts> SVG file folder
  2. Select your icon pack
  3. After accepting the icons, they will appear one on top of the other. Do not select any icon (this is very important). Go to File>Scripts>Export layers to SVG (IL2018)
  4. Select the pack again and accept.


Best practices

Now, we do recommend you to follow these tips in order to prevent future errors in the icons:

  • Artboard size: we recommend you to set up a 512 px artboard.
  • Simplify the icon composition. When designing use the minimum anchor points as possible. If you use too many anchor points it can cause deformations and your icon can be rejected.


  • Please, remember to make a backup before expanding the strokes. By doing this, you can always go back to the original file if a problem occurs.




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