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What is the difference between main and secondary element?


An image is used as main element when the resource is used in a product (physical or digital) as it has been downloaded from our site, without any changes being applied to the design, as shown in the example below.


It will also be considered main element when small changes are applied to the design, like changing the color or the orientation. 

If you add other elements created by yourself or by a third party, like small details or adding/changing the text, but the design from Flaticon is still the element with more weight in the final composition, meaning that it attracts the attention before the other parts on the design, this will still be understood as main element. See example below:



Flaticon resources are used as secondary elements when other elements, not from our site, are added to the final composition and become more important than the resource from Flaticon. You can see and example below.



Please note that using multiple icons from Flaticon is considered as main element, so you need to add other designs created by yourself or from a third party.

Patterns cannot be used to create products like clothes or wrapping paper, if these are to be used commercially, since these are considered main element. You would need to create a new pattern, adding other elements not from Freepik to the design.


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