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Individual images and custom works


Individual images purchase

Flaticon does not sell individual icons. The only offer that we have available are Flaticon Premium subscriptions. With these subscriptions you will obtain a downloadable license for every image from Flaticon and these licenses will allow you to use our resources with a non-attribution benefit for your personal and commercial projects and will remain active once your premium subscription has expired.

Please remember that the copyright of the icons remains to its author (Flaticon), so you will not be able to register any work that has been composed using any of our images. Flaticon does not sell the exclusive rights of any of their images.

Custom works

At Flaticon we do not create any custom work for our users. You can download any of the resources we offer on our website, edit it as much as needed and use it for your own purposes, as long as you comply with the Terms of Use of the company.


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