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Personal Identification for Contributors

What types of personal identification can I send to verify my personal information?

Flaticon reviews identification documents from all contributors. This verification process will allow us to protect your intellectual property rights and to protect Flaticon and its subscribers from fraudulent copyright claims.

Please know that any information you provide is stored safely and is kept confidential.

The preferred identification document is a passport valid for international travel. National identification cards are acceptable from residents of EU countries. In some cases, a valid driver’s license may be permitted from certain countries. All documents must be submitted through your contributor account page. Please do not send copies of documents via email.

Documents must:

  • Show your full name as it appears on your Flaticon account.
  • Show your date of birth and the document’s expiration date.
  • Be uploaded in a single file. You must combine multiple scanned pages into a single document.
  • Display all fields clearly.
  • Be either in JPEG or PNG format.


Documents must NOT:

  • Be expired
  • Be cropped to exclude information
  • Be visibly manipulated, blurry or out of focus
  • Be upside-down
  • Identify a person other than the Flaticon account holder. Business partners’ or family members’ documents are not permitted.



What if my name has changed?

If your document has a different name from the one you registered with, you must include another form of identification that has a photo and your new name. A copy of a marriage certificate will also be acceptable.

What if my identification is from one country, but I am living in another country?

If you live in one country and submit identification from another country, we will approve your documents. However, we may require additional documentation or clarification if the ID number wouldn't match.

What if my identification document is expired?

In some cases, we will accept an expired document. If your document is expired, you must also provide a second form of photo identification that is not expired.

If you have any questions regarding the review of your identification documents, please contact contributor support and we will assist you.


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