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File requirements


  • Upload level section


Detailed below you will find the information about the upload levels for contributors. Each level refers to the process required to become an expert contributor.

Level 1: for the selection process, you have to upload up to 4 packs, each of them containing a minimum of 20 icons and a maximum of 50. We will review your files and check if they meet our requirements. Until you don’t have 1 pack published with at least 20 icons, you won’t be able to send new packs.

Level 2: to reach level 2, you need to have at least 4 packs published. In this level, you can upload up to 8 packs with a minimum of 20 icons and a maximum of 100 each. You are required to have 8 packs published to pass to Level 3.

Level 3: You have proved that you are an amazing contributor! You can now continue uploading packs with a minimum of 20 icons and a maximum of 150 each. Please mind that you can only have 12 packs under revision at the same time. 


  • Content Submission Requirements


The contributor must be responsible for the authorship of all the work published in Flaticon. The contributor must know all the licences that Flaticon offers to their users so it can be guaranteed that all the works submitted fit all the legal requirements. Flaticon reserves the right to block your access or even terminate your account if the contributor fails these points.

All submitted content must be in optimal quality and intended for professional commercial use.

Accepted Content Types

  • Icons


  • File format: .svg
  • Color mode: RGB
  • Color profile: Adobe RGB (1998)
  • Size: Min 16x16px - max 512x512px.
  • Title and tags: The title should be as much concrete as possible with a minimum of 3 tags.


 The packs must be ordered following the scheme below:



The files need to be well organized so our users are able to use them correctly.

  • The layers must be arranged properly, written correctly in English.
  • Packs and groups of elements should be tidy and well presented.



  • It is not permitted to send in content that is already published on the website.
  • Icons that were rejected in a previous selection will not be accepted again.
  • Content associated with holidays and important dates won’t be accepted once the holiday is over.
  • If the design contains social media logos, these must be updated.
  • Designs that contain elements that have already been published at Flaticon, whether by the same author or (especially) by other authors, will not be accepted.
  • Content that has been duplicated in various designs will not be accepted.
  • If the design contains a year (e.g. 2017), it will only be accepted if this coincides with the current year.
  • Designs containing violent, pornographic or sensitive content that we consider could in some way offend our users, will not be accepted.



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