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FAQs for contributors

Will my files be available for free?

All the files uploaded as a contributor will be available only for subscribers, meaning that will be added to the premium category and won`t be available for free.

Why does Flaticon distribute some files for free?
Flaticon has plenty of qualified graphic designers who are creating exclusive content on a daily basis. Those resources are added to Flaticon Selection category and available to be downloaded for free by crediting the image to Flaticon. In order to avoid this credential and access to the contributor content, users must become premium subscribers.
How is the payment per download calculated?

This is how your commission from premium subscriptions would work:

At the end of each day, we would calculate the total amount of subscription fees and calculate the "per diem" subscription amount. Then we would calculate the total number of downloads.

The total daily subscription average would be divided by the number of downloads to calculate the "per illustration" price for that day. That number would be multiplied by 0.5 to calculate the 50% rate. The price per illustration might change on a daily basis, according to our calculations, between $0,14 to $0,20 (please be aware that this price may vary since it's based on estimations).

How many icons do I need to upload to become a contributor?
You must upload a minimum of 100 icons when submitting your work at Freepik and generate a minimum of 100$ to get paid.
Can I deactivate my account?
Yes as a contributor you can deactivate your account whenever you want but just be aware that once you deactivate your account the content published will still be active at Flaticon a minimum of 1 year and all payments will be deactivated with the account.


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