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What are Flaticon's Premium resources?

As you have all observed, Flaticon´s offer has been extended. Though Flaticon offers high quality icons for free to everyone who desires to download them and use them in their projects, additionally, we have also included new icons marked as Premium.

These icons will only be available for download to those users who have chosen to acquire any of our subscription plans and desire to use our resources without attribution.

Once you have acquired any of Flaticon's subscription plans you will be able to download any content marked with the Premium symbol. In the following link can check out our premium selection:

Please do not worry, Flaticon will continue adding new content every month that will be available to download and use for free. Our goal is to always offer the biggest selection of icons for free to our users so they can use it in both personal & commercial activities.


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    How can you explain that when I want to download a premium pack, there is only free icon and the premium Icon are not included ? I am premium member and I don't understand ...

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    Me too - same issue, only the standard icons are included in the download

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    Hello support. I have 1 question for you. What if i had premium account and download some icons. Can i use this icons without any attribution after my account would ends. Thank you for your answer

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    I would also like to know the awsner to the question of daishong

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    Could you please also send me an answer to question: Can I use icons I've downloaded after my premium account expire?

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