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Mac Extension Signature Error

On Mac, open the files ~/Library/Preferences/com.adobe.CSXS.4.plist & com.adobe.CSXS.5.plist & com.adobe.CSXS.6.plist and com.adobe.CSXS.7.plist (if there are any other files of these type, open them too)  and add a row with key PlayerDebugMode, of type String, and value 1.

 Download the Plist files here:

For more information you may acces:

Mind you: Starting with Mac 10.9, Apple introduced a caching mechanism for plist files. Your modifications to plist files do not take effect until the cache gets updated (on a periodic basis, you cannot know exactly when the update will happen).

To make sure your modifications take effect, kill all cfprefsd processes. They will restart automatically.

You can do this closing all Adobe Applications in the Terminal typing:
killall cfprefsd



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