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Attribution: How, when and where?

If you are a Free user you must always attribute the author when using our resources, below you can see the structure of the correct attribution line:

Icon made by [author link] from



For the image above, which is from Freepik, the attribution line should be as follows:

Icon made by Freepik from



For the image above, from one of our contributors, the attribution line should be as follows:

Icon made by turkkub from


Please note that around 1% of the content offered on Flaticon comes from third parties. You will be able to download the image from our site, but the icons does not belong to Flaticon. In these particular cases, although these are not common, you should check their licenses to understand how to use the images and if attribution is required.

These icons can be identified because they do not have any sign next to them, as it happens with Selection and Premium items. Please see image below.



Below you can find a few different scenarios and how the attribution must be inserted for each of them:


Insert the attribution on the page where the icon is shown. This can be placed next to the image of on the footer of the website.

Printed products:

Paste this attribution on the final work so the authorship is known (for instance, in the acknowledgements chapter of a book).


Place the attribution on the credits/description page of the application.

Social Networks:

Insert the attribution “Designed by [author link] from” on the text description of the image (for Instagram, you can add “Designed by [author name] from @flaticon”).


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