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How can I download icons?

You have three different ways to download icons from Flaticon:

1. To download icons individually, you must click on the following button:


This will take you to a bigger view of the icon and a selection of formats to download the desired icon (PNG/SVG/EPS/BASE 64/PSD). Once you have chosen the format you desire you will be able to download the icon by choosing it's size and selecting the Free Download option: 


2. You may add the icons you desire to your collection (collections have a limit of 256 icons available for download).

As a Free User you have a limitation of 3 collections, as a Premium User you will have unlimited collections.

For this, you must click on the following button:


Once you have finished selecting the icons, click on the marked button and the following menu should display, giving you the option to change the icons' color and name as well as a selection of formats to download the desired icons (PNG/SVG/EPS/PSD/Iconfont). Color icons cannot be included in iconfonts:




3. You can download entire packs offered on Flaticon's website only with one click on the following button!


If the following screen appears after following steps 1 & 2, please click on the "Free Download" button and your download will immediatly start!  


We hope you find this steps helpful!



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