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Flaticon Extension Plugin for Windows

Dear Users,

We are very sorry to inform you that due to all the issues we have been experiencing regarding our Extension Plugin, we have decided to stop offering this service and any support regarding it's usage. 

Though we understand this tool was useful for our user's workflow, we are unable to offer the quality standards that we expected through this tool, we really appreciate  your comprehension regarding this matter.

Best regards and thank you.



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    the extension was still much better than the current app. feels like it is a step back... maybe you should reconsider to fix the extension issues and bring it back to life

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    Must needed plugin :(

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    I prefer working with a semi working plugin that supports a lot every time it is working than working completely without a plugin.

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    :-( slows down my workflow very much. please reconsider your decision. best regards, mb77

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    Meeeh, not true, or? Just upgraded Photoshop and nw my extension is not running any longer. And what I do find here? The information that you stopped the extension. Please fix the extension!

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    Very disappointed. It was working just fine and I had no issues. Really looking forward to some kind of a fix for this.

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    The extension no longer works after updating.
    I think I will stop my subscription because too much problem with this extension which suddenly slowed me down all the time

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    Worked perfect for me, but now just... disappear. Please I really nead this extension! It will slows down my workflow very much too :-(

    Edited by manuelat
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    Верните, блять, плагин!

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    I have installed the flati icon extension for Photoshop cc 2014 and its not properly sometimes. When I opened the extension, its look s blank. Please share me correct extension.

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    Dude, there isn't extension anymore...

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    oh no! that was one of your main advantages.
    please bring back!

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    Please bring back. '-'

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    hey Flaticon, give us our tool back. What the? hire a better programmer for goodness sake. Seriously. There are really really good coders out there. Get one on your team.

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    Really?? Cant belive it... this was one of my main Plugins, super nice in the workflow, no more downloading and so on.... and also THE MAIN REASON to get a Flaticon subscription... PLEASE get a grip and fix it. It is needed a lot!

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    Guess there's no more reason to keep using premium. Disappointing and I love the service and gladly would have kept paying for it with the extension.

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    This was my main reason for using premium. Please bring it back asap!

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    Сука, ну чо за хуйня

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